Energy Division

After years of research and development followed by large scale success in the public sector Fluid System International Private Limited, the holders of brand as Lowara, Flyght, ITT Goulds Xylem & others, is proud to offer Solar Energy Systems to all private and public sector consumers. With our solar systems having an average payback time of 3 to 4 years and working warranty of 25 years FSI will attempt to continue the mission set on its founding in 1974 of helping build Pakistan’s private and public infrastructure. We at FSI realize that now that solar power is a profitable substitute for grid power, if consumers want to benefit from it, FSI has always provided the best quality products and engineering solutions and will never sacrifice this principle for short term profits.FSI solar products include Solar panels related accessories, Solar pumps and solar powered consumer items such as bulbs, lanterns, fans, geezers and more. FSI has carried out years of market research and have the best balance of affordability, reliability and quality.

  • Hybrid Solar System ( With Backup )
  • Off Grid Solar System ( Without Grid )
  • Grid Tied Solar Sytem  ( Reverse Net Metering )
  • Residential Solar System
  • Water Pumping                                              
  • Industrial System
  • Hospital and Schools
  • Telecommunication and Signaling
  • Village Electrification
  • Street Lighting
  • Banking and Data Center